10 Inspiring Wall Paint Ideas for Artistic Spaces

Whether your tastes lean more towards a gallery wall of framed photos or an abstract painting, you can add depth to your space with a simple paint project. Here are some ideas.

Give your walls an eye-catching hue without the work of installing molding or trim.

1. Freehand Patterns

A fresh coat of paint is the quickest and easiest way to transform an existing space. It’s also a perfect opportunity to get creative! Use ingenuity and a free weekend to craft a beautiful wall accent that speaks to your personality.

One of the more playful wall paint ideas and designs, freehand patterns are fun and festive! This unique wall accent features pastel triangles that recall confetti and party excitement. It’s the perfect accent for the family room or children’s bedroom.

While chalkboard paint may have a reputation as a classroom staple, it can actually skew stylish in the right setting.  This color is a smart pick for living spaces that face East or North and those with dim lighting, as it’s easier on the eyes.

2. Ombre

Ombre is a simple paint technique that can make any wall stand out. Traditionally, the color fades from dark to light but it can also be reversed for a more dramatic effect.

The trick to creating an ombre wall is choosing the right shades. Stick to complementary hues for a harmonious look or mix it up with contrasting colors. A good rule of thumb is to keep the difference between shades no more than one shade apart on the spectrum.

For a calming and mesmerising effect, try this blue mountain mural that captures the tones of a sunset. The blending of different shades evokes feelings of relaxation and wonder in any room. Pair this wall art with autumn accents like pumpkins and leaves for a stunning combination.

3. Marbleized Paint

Marble is a sophisticated and classic style that can add an eye-catching pop of color to any space. While you might not be able to install real marble tiles throughout your home, painting over them offers a budget-friendly and DIY alternative.

Start by creating a large pool of paint with different shades of your favorite colors, then use a brush to drag lines across the surface. Roll the feather around to create various lines — side to side, top to bottom, circular patterns, etc.

Repeat the process with different colors until you achieve your desired results. Once your masterpiece is finished, iron it to dry and hang it for a stunning addition to your gallery wall. Every painting will be unique depending on the shades and marbling technique used, making this project an even more exciting experience!

4. Color Blocking

Color blocking makes a bold style statement by juxtaposing contrasting hues across walls, furniture, and textiles. While some color blocking schemes go too far by pairing contrasting colors that clash, mid-strength hues in the same family can create subtle and harmonious interiors. If you want an always on time painting company, then you must look for the best in the Johns Islands, which is the Old Charleston Company.

For a DIY twist on this style, use wood panels from an art supply store as the canvas for your design, then paint over it with acrylic paint. Alternatively, paint the front of a cabinet to bring in bright color without making the space feel overly decorated.

Be careful not to over-utilize this style, since saturated colors can quickly read as juvenile. Instead, opt for timeless paint shades that will retain their classic appeal over time. You can also experiment with different shapes, such as rectangles or squares, to create a more personalized look.

5. Layered Colors

A paint job can be a great opportunity to showcase your creative flair. Even if you give two advanced furniture painters the same colors and the same paint finish, their finished projects will never look exactly the same.

Color can be used to highlight architectural elements such as molding, arched doorways or wainscot. For an added effect, consider painting these features just one shade lighter or darker than the primary wall color for a more subtle emphasis.

Try this enthralling wall accent idea to create a fun, modern and original feature for your home. Simply divide a wall into triangles and then paint a series of patterns like stripes, fish tales, slants or starts over each triangle. The result is a stunning two-tone paint accent that adds drama and personality to any room. It’s also the perfect backdrop for framed paintings and other wall decor.

6. Cacti Prints

For individuals looking to elevate their home decor with a bit of modern art, these black metal cactus decorations from Hotop offer a stylish and versatile design. These cactus wall decorations are made from iron with matte black paint for a durable and versatile finish, and they’re easy to install.

Alternatively, these framed cactus prints can bring a sense of wilderness to any living space. These framed prints feature detailed desert cactus landscapes, and they’re easy to hang. These framed prints also come with a carbonized solid wood poster hanger, and the seller offers 24-hour online customer service.

To highlight your cactus artwork, try pairing it with similar hues in your wall color. For example, this vibrant cactus print pops against deep purple walls. For a more muted effect, consider using a dark gray or brown to compliment your artwork.

7. Subtly-Colored Paintings

Add a directional flair to a room with a clever block of colour that continues over decorative woodwork such as door architrave and coving. This is a great way to work with colours that may be too bold for use on all four walls, but will still make an impactful design statement.

Bring an on-trend look to a living space by painting a ceiling in a shade darker than the walls. This works best in well-lit rooms and adds a touch of warmth to a neutral color scheme.

Easily create a stunning display wall by grouping together harmonious prints. This is a great way to showcase an artist’s talents, whilst also adding personality and interest to your home. Try pairing art with framed music or movie posters for an eclectic effect. Or, opt for a more contemporary approach and choose cacti prints or charcoal images to suit your interior style.

8. Charcoal Images

Charcoal is a versatile drawing medium that offers endless possibilities. Its broader masses (created by pressing down on the side of the stick with a paper stump or rag) and its ability to be smoothed out with a brush, kneaded eraser, or chamois cloth make it ideal for creating all kinds of textures.

Using charcoal to create images and textures on walls and ceilings can create a calming effect for a room or add drama for a space with cavernous proportions. Dark paint picks, such as the deep inkiness of Oxford Navy and the crisp neutrality of Pure, pair well with the look of charcoal.

Give your home a modern, eye-catching look with this easy wall paint idea. Simply create dots a few inches apart, then connect them with lines. This design is sure to be a conversation starter!

9. Botanical Prints

If you have a knack for gardening, a collection of botanical prints might make the perfect wall art. Botanical illustration reached new heights during the Renaissance, when artists like Leonardo da Vinci and Albrecht Durer drew detailed depictions of flowers and plants with scientific accuracy.

Look beyond framed paintings and prints for an artistic wall display. Create texture by layering items with varying finishes and materials, like metal cutouts, pressed flower pieces, and tapestries.

If you want to accentuate an arresting wallpaper pattern, coordinate your paint colors with the pattern. This bathroom uses a Farrow and Ball paint color to accent the malachite wallpaper. Organize craft supplies, favorite photos, and family heirlooms in wooden boxes and crates that double as wall art. Use a decorative pendant to emphasize the height of an oversize print. This homeowner showcases her love for birds by displaying bird-themed paintings, prints, and needlepoints.

10. Gallery Wall

Whether it’s an abstract or portrait, a collage of pictures or even a grouping of your favorite vases, adding wall art to your space elevates the look. You don’t have to limit yourself to framed prints either; a photo strip on a clipboard, board painting, or even a textile like a flag can be hung up and become your own creative wall accent.

If you’re hanging a gallery wall of artwork, consider using the same paint color as your walls to tie the look together. In this dining room, a pale periwinkle hue camouflages silver frames while still letting each piece shine.

Want to get a feel for an of-the-moment color trend before committing to it in more consequential ways? Try out a dynamic chocolatey brown, as seen here. It’s sure to be a crowd-pleaser in any room.