Epoxy Floor Coating – Enhance Safety and Boost Your Home’s Value

Epoxy coating flooring is becoming a popular alternative to other floor finishes because of its wide variety of benefits. A floor with an epoxy coating has a clear protective surface, is more durable, and offers a low maintenance solution. It’s also easier to maintain than some other floor finishes because it requires very little ongoing care.

But what exactly does epoxy coating mean? How does it work, and why do people choose it? Essentially, epoxy coating system installation is a two-step process. First, the floor must be prepared. This includes cleaning, sanding, leveling, and polishing if applicable.

Next, a protective topcoat is applied to the floor. The final step is curing, which ensures that the coating adheres properly to the floor. Diamond grinding, abrasive grinding, and water seepage can be problems for many garage floors. While these issues are inevitable and unavoidable, epoxy floor coatings can help alleviate some of their effects.

Diamond grinding and abrasive grinding cause tiny scratches on garage floors. Water seepage causes areas of color distortion in the epoxy coating and can even create pitting, which dulls the floors over time. And while these issues are unavoidable, many people would prefer to avoid them altogether, and epoxy coatings can help.

One of the biggest benefits of epoxy floor coating systems, however, is their durability. After application, there is no need to worry about the floor being scratched or scuffed because of pebbles, rocks, or other debris. The coating itself is highly resistant to damage and will last the life of your home.

Diamond grinding can cause small pits on the floor. And while it’s easy to eliminate with a quick call to your local flooring company, pitting often needs to be addressed by a professional installer, because it often occurs when a stone is not installed properly. Epoxy floor coating systems can also prevent problems like heat buildup in the garage.

As most homes have a duct system, there can be a rise in temperature inside the garage over time. Diamond grinding, water seepage, and weather can all contribute to a warm and damp environment that can damage your heating system.

While the interior of your home might not suffer from these effects, you can bet that your car’s engine does. With a simple application, you can stop this potential disaster before it ever starts. There are, of course, other benefits of epoxy coating flooring applications.

Walls are another benefit because the coating will add additional strength to the structure. Walls built with concrete still tend to break, even when they are reinforced with bricks or cement.

Walls with epoxy coatings remain solid for decades, even under the worst conditions. And finally, concrete floors are long-lasting, but they don’t offer much in the way of style.

With an epoxy coating, you can give your concrete floors a refreshing look without having to replace or repair the floor itself. Of course, while epoxy coating flooring systems are known for their durability, they aren’t perfect. The biggest risk is in the long-term exposure to moisture.

If you’re in an area with a wet climate, be aware that moisture will penetrate the coating and eventually seep into the underlying floor system. Don’t take this risk! If you are in an area that rarely sees any rainfall, then epoxy floor coating systems are great, but if you live where it snows, be sure to seal the floor to avoid water penetration.

There are many other factors in both the quality and durability of epoxy floor coatings. The above overview is, however, a quick summary of the most important points. For more information, contact a local contractor who uses epoxy in their construction projects.

They will be able to answer your questions about epoxy coatings and make recommendations to keep your concrete floors beautiful and long-lasting. Lastly, make sure to carefully study everything Katharine from Prim Mart notes about epoxy flooring options.