IT Business Process Analysis & Re-Engineering

It has been said that “Change is the only constant in life”. If there is no change, there will never be an improvement.

Businesses that want to grow must always change and update systems, and how the company operates. This is a must to adapt to economic trends and business needs, and eventually improve operations, and hopefully lower operation cost.

In order to do this, an analysis of the business process must first be made before change can take effect. The process is the embodiment of all activities that mandate how resources are used in order to produce a service or product that addresses the needs of target customers.

The Role of Business Process Analysis

Most often, Information Technology (IT) businesses do not put huge emphasis on analyzing their business processes. This is often overlooked, not knowing this is an important key in running an excellent business.

It is high time they realize the importance of this process in order to achieve efficiency in their working system. An IT company needs to effectively work on innovating itself, and continue to integrate technological changes or advances in its system.

In order to do this, those involved in the company operation must get a good view or understanding of how the company processes work – its activities, its relationship to customers, and the company’s impact to the community it is part of. It must analyze if all its current accomplishments still uphold the company’s goals and missions.

In order to arrive at the proper solution, important steps must be taken to analyze the company process. Important questions must be asked in order to arrive at the solution.

  • First, a company must ask itself if it is currently using technology that could improve process efficiency. Is there a need to update automation systems?
  • Is there an IT system or software in place that can track how the business process flows? How does the process start and end?
  • What are the various processes involved in the operation and how are they related?
  • How efficiently are these processes achieved?
  • What are the obstacles to achieving an efficient operation?
  • What are the decisions involved in achieving process results?

All of these questions should lead to answers that would breakdown the company activities, and see how each could be improved.

How IT Business Process Re-Engineering Works

After analyzing the current state of a company’s processes, and studying all its components,  it is time to start rebuilding it. The company may opt to start from scratch to proceed with re-engineering.

Re-engineering would subject the company processes or activities to redesign with the goal to hugely improve and uplift the company in terms of performance, quality of service, speed of delivering the service, and hopefully, lower operation costs.

Particularly, the re-engineering should render the following results:

  • Better company processes with the help of IT
  • Increased emphasis on addressing customer needs
  • Interlinked workforce teams for better coordination and management
  • Better organizational and workforce setup
  • Improved supply procurement, manufacturing and final output

All of these improvements should give the company a more efficient management, workforce, production, and overall enhanced processes across the organization.