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Top 10 Reasons You Should Use A Placement Consultants

When job searching, you’ll realize that most of the jobs posted out there can be classified between those directly listed by the companies and those that are listed by placement agencies. Companies know exactly why recruitment agencies will benefit them— they get the right people within a short time and save valuable resources and time in the process. If you’re not sure about why you should go through a placement agency or not, below are just some of them.

Professional Representation

Recruitment consultants are known for cultivating a relationship with hiring managers. As a result, their opinions are trusted and deemed to be of valuable weight when it comes to the recruitment process. So, getting your resume recommended for a job gives it a huge boost. Consultants will push your resume and sell it to potential employers to truly help you get a chance at landing a job.

Hidden Market Access

Placement consultants will recognize certain details about potential opportunities. They are always on the network for any upcoming projects. You get the added benefits of being pushed for projects that have yet to be announced, giving you a good edge in the process.

They won’t annoy any past employer.

Recruitment agencies will usually reduce the time needed to get in touch with your past employer. This is essential especially if you’re hoping for glowing recommendations and review from a past manager.

They’re out of the box thinkers.

There are many instances when your career path is in need of some fresh perspective. Consultants are trained not just to recognize the already polished prospects but also those that are still in the rough. They know how recruitment works and how companies expect their candidates to be so, they can always help build you up by highlighting key aspects of your skills that may not have gotten any attention before.

You get to save time.

It’s time-consuming writing and rewriting resumes and cover letters for the different roles you are trying for. The right recruitment agency will only require you to apply once while also making sure that you are at the forefront for possible repeat work. They will also see to it that your application gets feedback so you’ll know exactly where things stand.

Support for Your Resume and Interviews

Placement consultants can offer suggestions on how to improve your resume, making it more appealing to employers. Any spelling or formatting errors will also be potted and pointed out so you get a chance to correct them before actual employers get to see them. Such errors, which may seem a minor thing can have a huge impact on your overall job prospects.


Your contact information and other pertinent personal details won’t be shared by these consultants to just about anyone. Also, if you are still currently employed and wouldn’t want your current company to know that you’re looking for other job prospects, a placement consultant will see to it that that’s exactly what will happen.

Salary Negotiation

If you’ve successfully applied for a job and were offered the role, a placement consultant will see to it that you get the best possible compensation for the role. This is especially true if the offer was a bit lower than what you expected. Consultants are very familiar with salary ranges pertaining to specific job positions and can help you negotiate a better, fairer deal.

They’ll support you.

It doesn’t hurt to get in touch with them and fill them in on how you’re doing with your new role. They’re very well-versed of all the stresses that are involved with starting a new job and can be a helpful ear outside of the workplace.

It’s free.

You won’t need to pay anything to become a candidate for an agency. All you have to do is put your personal details in, upload your resume and that’s it. Just see to it that you choose the best recruitment consultants out there you can find.