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Top 6 Best Free Job Search Apps

It’s never easy to land a top job. This is even tougher for those looking for a career shift or a job change. This could be due to a multitude of reasons. There are instances when companies will tap the services of a third company to facilitate the hiring process on their behalf. Others would prefer internal hiring.

Regardless, hiring is a tiring process. Luckily, there are apps you can use these days that will help in your job search. These do not only help streamline the job searching process but also offer users tips that could certainly come in handy when in dire need of work. Below are some of the top job finding apps that will not only help get you connected with potential employers but also help you stay on top of your job searching game.


Considered the business hub for every working professional, LinkedIn isn’t just limited to mere social posting. Over the years, the platform has successfully evolved into a great job search medium as well. All users have to do is tell the app that they’re currently looking into possible career prospects.

With that one, the app will then keep you in the know of possible jobs that may match your preferences. What’s even great is that the matches will have various details about any potential employer including the pay grade, job title, as well as the name of the company. What’s even better is that your searches for a potential new employer will be kept private so your current employer will never know.

Monster has always been a popular site among job seekers as it has been a widely-used job search portal for years. Over the years, with smartphones becoming more widely used, they decided to roll out a dedicated app for job seekers. The app allows users to go for both part-time and full-time jobs.

The simple interface makes the app quite user-friendly. They can view job prospects and just swipe right or left as they go through each one. Getting started is easy too. Users only need to have their resume uploaded and the app will start to automatically show any related job afterwards.

Dice Careers

Another remarkable app, Dice has successfully made an impact as one of these day’s best apps for job seekers. Aside from making it easier for users to find relevant jobs, it is also able to determine the likely salary is based on a user’s current skills and experience.

This particular app has the tech professionals in mind as they are usually the kinds of people that will barely devote their time to doing various activities. The app is most useful at helping these professionals find the best jobs in a variety of domains including marketing, mobile app creation, computing, DevOps and many more.

Job Search

An offering from ZipRecruiter, it’s one useful app for finding jobs. The app is designed with built-in filters to allow users to easily search for their ideal jobs via specific built-in filters.

The app has a single-click apply option for swift multiple jobs application. It is also known for facilitating browsing of a variety of prospective job boards from a number of sites, making it a well-rounded app.

Simply Hired

Another one of the world’s best apps for job alerts, this app allows job hunters to search for full and part-time jobs based on where they are located.

Users that choose to sign up can also enjoy other bonus features. It allows users to find any recent searches they have made on the homepages so sharing and saving jobs is easier. A wide range of jobs is also available on the app for users to select from.


A highly reliable job hunting app, it is armed with various tools so it can help figure out various stats. Its Know Your Worth tool helps in determining how much users should be claiming as far as ideal salary goes.

The decent design is notable and it really does help things more streamlined for the job hunter. Its main attraction is the fact that both employees and employers can leave feedback so even before you start out with a company, you will somehow already know what to expect.